Chimney Cleaning Services

Having your fireplace and furnace chimney cleaned and/or inspected annually is the number one maintenance to help prevent chimney related house fires. We service all types of chimney’s:

  • Fireplace chimneys

  • Prefabricated chimneys

  • Solid Pack chimneys

  • Masonry Fireplace

The Three Stages of Creosote


Stage 1

Creosote is a very fine and powder and fairly easy to remove.

Stage 2

Creosote is crunchy, flaky and shiny and much harder to remove.

Stage 3

creosote is the most problematic to remove. It is shiny, tar like and harder than brick and needs to be removed with chains and/or chemicals. It usually takes several treatments and cleanings to fully remove the glazed build up.

Ceramic Gas Logs

A great option to use with your gas fireplace are the Ceramic Gas Fireplace Logs. These type of logs come in a special kit with everything you need to turn your wood fireplace in a modern gas fireplace.

All of our fireplace logs are handmade! They come in different styles, sizes and colors and they emulate wood in such a way that you won’t even tell the difference, so if you’re looking for an alternative to use on your gas fireplace that is beautiful as well as practical, this option is the best!

Fireplace Doors

Our Fireplace Doors are all hand built-customized one at a time to each customer individually chosen design requests.

Why Buy Custom?

Our customers want something that is made especially and specifically for them, either to fit a uniquely-shaped fireplace or firebox, or something that complements their style and tastes, getting what you want is something our customers understand and value.

We take pride in every door we make; all our doors are handmade right here in Southern California.

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